Four Hands Massage

60 min 2500 Rs
90 min 3500 Rs

Be fascinated with our Four Hand massage and witness the unique experience of a medium pressure on your body. 24 Gold Spa brings you a first-class experience to enjoy the benefits of four hands working in synchronization to give a double impact of the therapy and relief to the mind and body. Our well-trained masseuses use long and broad strokes that guarantee complete relaxation. The method, technique, and result provided are significantly higher in comparison to regular massages. From aiding in increasing the oxygen level in your blood and improving your overall blood circulation to toning your muscles, this massage is a definite booster for those living an active lifestyle.

24 Gold Spa is a licensed spa center that provides a private and serene environment, backed by certified professionals. We have a well-defined approach for every customer that walks into our spa. During a four hands massage session, one can expect a soothing experience unlike any other, while our two knowledgeable masseuses work on different parts of the body simultaneously. You can choose from our 60-minute massage, priced at Rs 1045, or opt for an indulging 90-minute session priced at Rs 1470. Our team takes your overall experience a notch higher by customizing it to your preference. To learn more or book a Four Hands Massage, get in touch with us today!

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